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Spageddies Italian Kitchen

4 Reviews
Senayan200rb - 300rb
Permanently Closed

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6 ratings
Steffie H
11 photos
112 reviews
I actually liked the pasta here but had to knock off some stars because of the service. My server didn't know much about the menu and he messed up my order twice. Got the spaggheti vongole and it was good, but yeah the service was a disappointment.
Yugo Prabowo
43 photos
35 reviews
food always nice
I love Spageddies, the food is always good, but I dissapointed with the service, for one dish maybe you have to wait for like 20 minutes, and sometimes you have to call serveur to remind what food that you order. it happened to me twice already. FYI they have smoking area if you are a smoker,
Puspita Yuniastuti
20 photos
23 reviews
Not that delicious in my opinion.
Having an iftaar with my bestiest here. Also they prepared a very late birthday surprise for me lol but I love it anyway. Ordered lemon ice tea but not that good. Wanna ordered fish & chicken combo but not available. Same like rottiserie chicken. Ended up ordering penne alfredo and the taste was just okay. But I love their salad especially their thousand island dressing. So refreshing and this was the only meal I enjoyed the most. Also their Mozarella Neapolitan was good tho. But for the other foods that my friend ordered and I took a bite, I think that's not even worth the price. Well, their gave us free ta'jil so the taste and price were forgivable.
Melisa Halim
0 photos
87 reviews
Quite Satisfying
About the food here, I've always been satisfied. The taste are nice and the portions are generous. However, I think they need to redecorate the place. In my opinion, the place is not quite inviting. The lighting and the setting are kind of dark. I understand that it is a homey Italian kitchen concept, but if they would just light it up a bit, it would be much nicer.

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