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Otel Lobby

18 Reviews
Kuningan200rb - 300rb
Permanently Closed

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24 ratings
Jeane Veybe
119 photos
33 reviews
Cobain deh dessertnya
Nana You
4 photos
1 reviews
Great dining experience
I was dine-in here on 10 feb'16 to celebrate me and my boyfriend's birthday. After looking for so many resto finally i choose this one. I love the ambience of the restaurant, it's not very crowd, we can say kind of private so we can discuss many things. There's also a live music to entertain the guest. I ordered steamed fish of the day, the portion was enough, but too small for me.. Hehe but i loved it. And my boyfriend ordered roasted chicken, it's delicious though. Our final dessert was chocolate soufflé and this is incredibly amazing. I'm surely come back to here and recommended restaurant after all
Desi Fitriani
3 photos
5 reviews
Worth to try
The grilled beef tongue here is very worth to try! Oxtail soup come with big portion and quite tasty. Overall, it was such a pleasant food experience
Rheza Rahadhitya
0 photos
1 reviews
Dengan harga makanan yg cukup (tdk terlalu mahal) kualitas makanan dan rasanya enak. Suasananya jg private jdnya enak, pelayanan jg bagus dan ramah. Overall termasuk kategori resto yg 'must try' baik buat couple dinner atau hang out aja sm temen-temen.
yulia sukma
2 photos
6 reviews
tempatnya keren banget buat dinner,suasana romantic...cocok deh buat dinner romantis...makanannya juga enak di tambah lg dgn sgelas white wine yg nikmat. untuk harga,worth it lah...cuma syg tempatnya sedikit remang2...hehehe

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