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Senayan200rb - 300rb
Hours 11:00 - 00:00Closed

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18 ratings
Gilang Angga Putra
1 photos
6 reviews
Nice place to hangout after work
Ambiancenya oke, tidak terlalu terang tapi tidak terlalu reman-remang juga, jadi pas buat yang ingin ngobrol seru bareng teman atau ngedate bareng gebetan. Nyobain Spaghetti cartoccio, porsinya cukup besat tapi sayang rasanya kurang pas. Mamacita Cordon Bluenya belum ada sidedish potato, jadi perlu pesan lagi karena ga lengkap rasanya. Tapi overall oke, harganya juga lumayan.
Angga Marthio
2 photos
17 reviews
Namanya wine kitchen tapi gw ga pesen wine, jadi pas makan makanannya gw ga kaget kalo rasanya biasa aja. Chicken cordon bleu nya kecil. Rasanya lumayan sih tapi kecil. Tagliatle bolognese so-so. Ga yang menggugah selera banget juga
William Iskandar
12 photos
24 reviews
Mamacita is one of the restaurant located in the mall, yes, maybe some or many people (included me) is under estimating those restaurant located in a mall, especially some place that very hype for them to post into their instagram or any social media. but Mamacita one of a hundred restaurant in a mall that could makes your tummy happy, a great food, great service, maybe the ambience wasnt for everyone, but i believe that good food makes you happy, they serve international dish. i ordered quessadilla , which good, maybe it isnt quessadilla that you find in any authentic mexico restaurant but sure, its good, then i ordered angel hair pasta, which is nice, very creamy and salmon-ny , and their burger was really good, i mean yeah good, maybe so much better than your very-hype burgery. and for dessert i tried their profiteroles, a nice dessert to clean your palate because of eating to much meat, cream. the profiteroles comes up with lime ice cream, which not to tangy , is was subtle. the last thing i like from Mamacita is the price. a very reasonable price with a superb quality dishes coming from their kitchen. bravo. no wonder they are one of the best restaurant in Indonesia (Jakarta) 2014 by Indonesia Tatler.
yudha p
0 photos
1 reviews
poor taste for food
went to this restaurant at noon, the place not very big but has a nice decoration at least for those alcoholic drinker maybe. at first i order pasta and followed my gf with main course. then i shocked after received the bill LoLs. i think their price is over priced. i came here after read from this websites said that the price is friendly enough.. but i don't know is it me? or the writer but i think over 90K for ordinary taste of pasta is to expensive i spend almost over 400K and there is also srvc charge in it for 2 persons wow. me n my gf didn't stop arguing all the way home from there sigh. but afterall the place is nice and quite comfortable for those who want spending an hour's or all day there with a bottle of wine / alcohol, one pour to another glass but i don't think that suitable for me. but maybe bcz im not a drinker but i like the ambience
Melisa Halim
0 photos
87 reviews
I Don't Think I'll Come Back Here
This place offers a standard menu range and a so-so taste. However, the price is relatively high and the place wasn't convenient. It was really dark and full of cigarette smoke. No, I don't think I'll come back here.

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