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Kim Sat Gat

7 Reviews
SenopatiStart from 300rb
Hours 11:30 - 22:00Closed

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10 ratings
Carlo Bernado Siregar
0 photos
3 reviews
For sashimi lovers
Nggak banyak resto korea yang ada sashiminya.. Emang sih agak mahal, tapi puas banget.. All you can eat sashimi. Dijamin pulang perut kenyang...
Kus F
0 photos
48 reviews
Korean sashimi overdose
One of a go-to korean restaurants. Though, better going at dinner time as the ambience is more 'alive' (more diners, better lighting, better service). Complete allyoucaneat sashimi menu. Sashimi temperature can be inconsistent at times, but still acceptable. One concern to improve is the cleanliness of the restaurant.
Ari Hamami
0 photos
1 reviews
Beyond expectation
If you like sashimi and Korean food, this is the place to eat. But beware, prepare your stomach for a never ending supply of sashimi, and still more dishes are coming after you say "stop the sashimi please". Good to eat with friends with appetite and long conversation.
Yoon Rae Kim
8 photos
7 reviews
Bad service
The food that we were served was quite different from what we have seen on blogs. After talking to staff, they served more food. I was very disappointed with the service. This place ruined my weekend.

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