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Kafe Betawi

24 Reviews
Tanjung Duren100rb - 200rb
Hours 10:00 - 22:00Open Now

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32 ratings
Rina Susanto
1 photos
1 reviews
kafe betawi!
uenakk gado2 di kafe betawi cobain dhh rasanya betawi abis lolx #Qravedsurprise
Safri Safri
2 photos
1 reviews
mie tektek
tek tek tek mari makan mie tek tek.. buat para penggemar mie wajib cobain makanan ini.. mie campur kacang.. hehehe.. enak... #Qravedsurprise
Felix Fei
1 photos
1 reviews
rasanya unik, buat yg kangen makanan indo bole dicobaaa 😀😀 #Qravedsurprise
Ridwan Iskandar
110 photos
117 reviews
Nasi Goreng Kambingnya mantaap.
Emng bener dah kalo mau makan disini selalu tggu lumayan lama, karna tempatnya selalu ramai, apa lagi pass jam makan siang.. dan rasa masakannya enak banget .. Top dah recommend banget kalo mau makan masakan betawi disini.. #Qravedsurprice
Foodioz Yovent
753 photos
195 reviews
Taste: Overall i love foods in here, what i know best is the Lontong Cap Go meh, but this time i having to try other dish. The Mie Kangkung also great, noodles with green morning glory and chicken slices in tasty soup. Scenery: Since been renovated, it has bigger space, but still it is very crowded during weekend. At least i have to wait about 30 mins for my turn. Price: For local food, it is not cheap, about 50-60K average. I am not recommended for the chicken skewers, 50K for tiny bunch of skewers. Service: They have quite many waiters and waitress around which i don't worry to call any. Cleanliness: They are make sure tables are clean before customer approached.

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