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I-ta Suki

4 Reviews
Tanjung Duren100rb - 200rb
Hours 11:00 - 22:00Open Now

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5 ratings
Kevin Irwan
1 photos
11 reviews
Best Tom Yum broth in Jakarta! Sour and spicy, paired with their signature chilli sauce and garlic oil. Not to mention the wide selection of things you can put on your broth; dumplings, meat balls, veggies, etc. They also serve different dishes of Oriental dishes with decent price and portion.
Faisal Wibowo
45 photos
37 reviews
Good and fresh
The suki menu is good and fresh, no oily, soaky, and fishy taste. The tom yum broth is good but I recommend the garlic broth, it tastes great
Kevin Wirawan
1110 photos
1109 reviews
11 Restoran Seru Yang Cocok Banget Buat Anak-Anak!
Karena kebanyakan anak-anak suka makanan yang berkuah (biar lebih gampang ngunyah makanannya), menu suki di I-ta Suki udah pasti cocok banget kan buat anak-anak. Berbagai pilihan lauk mulai dari pangsit, baso ikan, hingga daging ayam, sapi, dan masih bayak lagi, bisa menjadi pilihan yang pas buat anak-anak. Menu yang ditawarkan juga sehat-sehat, jadi pas banget kan buat sang buah hati. Sekali-sekali menjauhkan anak dari makanan gorengan juga penting loh!
Irene Christiana
60 photos
30 reviews
Rainy days in Jakarta always call for a hearty, warm feed. Hot pot is a great choice, as it is also a family-friendly choice. I-Ta Suki isn't the only hot-pot-specializing restaurant in Jakarta, but I think it'll do well against the rivals. The ordering system is similar with the others. You choose your kind of soup first, whether it's chicken broth, tom yum broth, or both. Personally, I like the tom yum better as it has more complex flavour and it has some exciting tang. The you go to the fridges where you can pick the stuff to be drown into the soup. The colour of the plate will tell you its price. Some of my favourites are the beef slices (which cook very quickly so keep your eyes on it), beef-wrapped enoki (delicious morsels, I always love the crunchiness of the enoki and how it soaks the soup nicely), and fresh vegetables (you need to eat your veggies!). The hot pot warms you up very easily, especially when you add some dabs of chilli sauce and eat it together with your loved ones. They also offer dim sum menus, and the kaki ayam (chicken feet) that I've tried are more than decent, although the sauce is a tad bit too watery for me.

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