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Hacienda Mexican Bar & Grill

50 Reviews
SenayanStart from 300rb
Hours 11:00 - 01:00Open Now

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15 ratings
Marco Avila
42 photos
13 reviews
Bien por Jakarta
Este restauran si me gusto. Las bebidas son buenas. Great little place to eat. Awesome drinks and staff.
Diah Handayani
12 photos
8 reviews
Best Mexican restaurant in Jakarta
If you are looking for Mexican food, head out to Hacienda. Their traditional Mexican dishes are super delicious. My favorites are quesadillas and that taco with shrimp, yummmyy..!!! Don't forget to drink Margarita! It's buy 1 get 1 from 5-7 pm. See you there!
Merry Lia
369 photos
131 reviews
Best Mexican in Jakarta
What's so bad about them? Hmm.. nothing. So far, nothing beats Hacienda for Mexican food. Their food, the service, the drinks, nothing to complain. We had the cheese dip with the chips, oh soo good!
Axel Violon
46 photos
37 reviews
Really nice place ! good atmosphere, delicious food
Andree Lim
19 photos
15 reviews
Chile con queso
The food comes with bottomless nachos chips and the best part is the melted Cheese is soo good.

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