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En Japanese Dining Bar

3 Reviews
Senayan100rb - 200rb
Hours 11:30 - 23:00Closed

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6 ratings
Foodioz Yovent
733 photos
184 reviews
Taste: Overall i love the food, mostly food is come from Okinawa style. Nice imami tofu, lovely texture. But the double sushi salmon is not recommended. I guess they another better sushi. The best should Crab Chahan, really tasty. Honey bread is fine, not really best. Scenery: This place sure beautiful, huge, wooden theme, and there's a unique interior, wooden nest. Price: Quite high price for an exclusive Japanese Dining. Service: They do working good. Cleanliness: Yes the place is beautiful also clean.
Jessica Santoso
21 photos
49 reviews
Their honey toast is the bomb!! It's sweet but not too sweet (for a sweet tounge like me) . The ice cream compliments the toast really well. The bread itself is fluffy and crispy :)
Karina Febriani
0 photos
4 reviews
Must Try the Honey Bread

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