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Common People Eatery & Bar

3 Reviews
Kemang100rb - 200rb
Permanently Closed

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3 ratings
Margareth Stella
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9 Restoran Paling ASYIK Buat Traktiran!
Salah satu tempat yang paling pas buat traktiran sekalian catch up sama sohib-sohib lo yang udah lama nggak lo ketemuin! Tempatnya lucu banget, pewe dan kece! Oh iya, Eggs Benedict (Rp. 55.000) mereka nge-hits banget loh! Hollandaise sauce nya sempurna banget!
Airin Tan
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The breakfast menu was good. Nice place and the staff were friendly.
Just In
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3 reviews
I have been to Common People on last Tuesday with my husband. The place was amazing! Wonderful decoration and very nice ambiance. However we've been quite disappointed by the food. I am a huge fan of salmon steak and my husband loves burgers... We ordered those two items and we were badly surprised by the side dishes! The salmon was served with fries and salad... Such a strange mix of textures! It would have been much better with cooked vegetables, as the salmon had no flavour! And the burger was accompanied with potato chips, such a waste of flavour! They were flabby as if the pack was openned for three days! And finally the desserts were pretty expensive for the portions but good. We may not go back there as we have higher expectations but the place is nice to hang out!

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