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Cafe De Burse

7 Reviews
SCBD100rb - 200rb
Hours 07:00 - 01:00Open Now

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10 ratings
leena se
0 photos
2 reviews
love it
perfect place! food is good, service s great and live music too!! would totally go back there
Hans Christhian
1 photos
2 reviews
Makanannya menurut gw enak apalagi kl yg doyan western food. Sayang tempatnya bau asap rokok. Overall mantap!
Hans Christhian
1 photos
2 reviews
Chicken roasted dan fish n chips nya enak disini. Fish n chips nya side nya pakai dressing beer yg cocok bets
Diso Lukar
0 photos
1 reviews
Makanannya enak
Elny Widjaja
0 photos
1 reviews
One of my favorite places to chill out with colleagues after crazy works at Microsoft.

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