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Motel Mexicola

21 Reviews
Seminyak100rb - 200rb
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25 ratings
Johan Fanggara
1 photos
3 reviews
love it!
we have always been loving Mexican foods, and Mexicola delivers what we long for. Superb food, simple and tasty.
Citta Swissanto
9 photos
6 reviews
Tropical brunch in the tropical island.
Tried this place last holiday. Funny thing is I was actually planning to have a brunch at a place next to this restaurant, but then we came across this place and decided to have the brunch here. The place got this unique and great interior that will bring you to the tropical mexican ambiance. Since we just had breakfast, we wanted something that comes in small portions. So we ordered appetizers for brunch. I can't remember the name of my order, but as it seen on the picture, it came with tortilla chips and salsa dip (but no, the name wasn't nachos though it may seems similar). The dip was served with fresh chunky prawns. My boyfriend ordered De Pollo Quesadillas which surprisingly came in quite enough slices for two persons. The quesadillas was filled with roasted chicken, smoked paprika, black beans and melted cheese. The texture was very soft it'd melt in your mouth slowly... Yum! I chose iced Cola for drinks, while some of the guys ordered beers. Bali's tropical heat really fit for cold carbonated drinks! Anyway, I find this place serves good (not great) mexican food. The only special thing from all of my orders was the salsa dip with the fresh chunky prawn. Other than that: you can find it in every mexican restaurant. The price is quite pricey for the food taste/portion/choice. Let's just say when you pay it, you pay for the unique ambiance. Will I come back? Probably.
mrhanzdotcom -
4 photos
7 reviews
The food was not good and expensive. The shrimps were not fresh at all. service is so so.... Overall, the worst $$$ I spent in Bali for food ever 👎👎👎
Dewi Juananta
0 photos
21 reviews
Nice food
Service staff yang ramah, helpfull, informatif. Great !!!
Irma Maulida
6 photos
9 reviews
My friend from one of travel magazines in Indonesia suggested this place to me, he said the place is so cool to hang out, the food is good and it's a must-place-to-visit in Bali. So, when I visited Bali last month I had my chance to come here and I was so excited. It was Saturday night, June 24, I forget what time it was, maybe around 9.30 PM and the place was already loaded. Though the line was quite long, I and my friends patiently and excitedly waited. When it's time for us, they told us that all the tables inside are full. So, we told them we are okay to wait but they said the tables are already booked until it close and the only available tables are outside. The annoying part? They didn't even look at us or smile at us. BUT! When foreigners behind us asked whether there are table for them, they said YES! with big FRIENDLY SMILE! I was speechless for a moment trying to digest what's happening. And then I was like WOW! Rude! It was rude! The fact that those foreigners asked the table, it meant that they didn't reserve the table! Right? Tell me if I am wrong here. Because I thought that we already there so let's be okay with the outside table. We only ordered their Pina Colada and then left the place as soon as possible because we lost our appetite and excitement. Don't get me wrong. I like the place, the crowd, the music, but the service for Indonesians is beyond bad! I hope the management of Mexicola would improve this because we are all the same, both Indonesian and foreigner, we are all costumer. I honestly was very disappointed with this incident.

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