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Pizza Express

51 Reviews
Tebet100rb - 200rb
Hours 10:00 - 22:00Closed

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53 ratings
Azkia Ramadhani
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1 reviews
To be frank, I really love Italian food, especially pizza. So this time I tried to taste pizza from Pizza Express (Or Marzano, Or Whatever). Came here on Monday this week, with a friend (or date? :p), we placed order the Carbonara Romana Pizza and Fungi Di Bosco Classic Pizza (actually it's a gift voucher from Line, order 1 Romana Pizza and we'll get 1 Classic Pizza :p). It was full of dine-in customers which in breakfasting time coincidentally, and thank God that I have reserved table for us by using Qraved (yeay!). It was approximately 10-15 minutes til our food was being served. I tasted Fungi Di Bosco Classic Pizza first. The pizza was thin and crunchy, sooo Italian, sliced in 6 parts. The topping is served with mushroom, less-mozarella cheese, and some-kind-of-tomato sauce which gives mostly sour flavor to the pizza. I need to put chilli sauce and blackpepper to make a better taste. The next is Carbonara Romana Pizza. This thin & crunchy pizza was made my day. The topping is served with mozzarela cheese (a lil bit milk in the ingredients maybe), beef bacon and mushroom. Since I love cheese, the pizza tasted so great that I couldn't agree more. It was served in bigger size than the Classic. For beverages, we ordered refill-able tea (there are variant flavors of tea and I chose Blackcurrent). Overall, the restaurant is satisfying enough for me..
Melisa Halim
0 photos
87 reviews
Pretty Nice
This is the transformation of Pizza Marzano. It still looks pretty much the same, except the chane of the name and (a little bit) of the place setting. It's now more casual, nice for a hangout. The food is good here, but I think it's a little overpriced.

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