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Nanny's Pavillon

54 Reviews
Tanjung Duren100rb - 200rb
Hours 10:00 - 22:00Open Now

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63 ratings
blackcat kuching
56 photos
13 reviews
choco pancake buat nagih
iseng nyobain desert nya nie..ehbternyata enak and choco sauce nya bikin nagih..cuz im a choco lover..
carrie Liu
1 photos
45 reviews
Nanny's Pavillon
Audrey Andini
1217 photos
869 reviews
5 Spot Biar Nggak Mati Gaya Saat Menikmati Weekend Bareng Anak
Restoran yang satu ini tidak hanya memiliki menu yang lezat namun juga sangat kid friendly. Selain ada menu anak, decor-nya yang unik juga bakal membuat anak makin betah.
Alfredo Rinaldi
8 photos
3 reviews
cozy ambience
came to eat light dinner or snack. upon entering, we were told that the pancakes and waffles were not available due to technical problems with the machines. so, we just ate some pastas (spaghetti & lasagna) which were quite delicious and had some ice chocolate & blueberry lemonade. tasted nice but not that wow. will come back for the pancakes though.
Emy Yunita Sinaga
17 photos
30 reviews
Always love
Become a habit to go here. Every meals become favorite. Drinks as well. Heavy' alvin potato is the delicious light ones. If you are not too hungry but want to eat,this could become good choice. All food are western, such as fettucini, lasagna, salad, and baked rice. The resto design make us comfort to chill and want have more time even just to seat. But, need to be patient when wait for the food.

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