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Lobo Restaurant - The Ritz-Carlton

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2 ratings
Jessica P
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5 reviews
Good Food, Horrible Service
We went there for Valentine's Dinner where they served 7-courses set menu. I wasn't surprised that the restaurant was quite full but the fact that none of their staffs (incl. the managers) really pay attention to the service is a BIG turn-off. After we came, they only asked if we want sparkling or natural mineral water and served us once. After that, they didn’t even served the amuse bouche until we asked for it (nobody realized it hasn’t been served!). Nobody re-fill our drinks (even though we ordered a separate bottle of wine), we had to serve ourselves. Champagne that was supposed to be included in our set-menu package never got served until we asked for it when the dessert was about to be served. For each course, we had to wait MORE THAN 30 minutes for EACH OF THEM to be served. Even when we had finished our course, nobody came to clear up our plates nor served the next course until we raised our hands to ask for it. Nobody check on our table (ours and several others) every now and then. (NOT) surprisingly, after several courses, they started to forget serving us the cutleries for us to eat the meal. One of the managers asked if he can help me (when I was looking for the washroom after waiting for 30mins for our 3rd course), so I mentioned that the service has been very slow. But even after that, NOTHING improved – what’s the point of asking if they were not going to do anything about it???!!! Not sure if the waiter thought we didn’t pay attention to what they served to other (even though it was supposed to be the same meal for every guest since it’s special set menu) but when it was time to serve our dessert, we only got ONE plate for the two of us, and the waiter said it was supposed to be 1 plate of dessert and 1 “special chocolate” for the dessert (the rest of the guests got TWO plates of dessert and 1 special chocolate for each table!?!?!?!). After we asked for the bill, I asked about the “souvenir” that we were supposed to get – since the F&B reservation agent asked for our names to be engraved on the so-called souvenir when I was making the reservation. Guess what they brought to us? The same “special chocolate” that they served us for dessert but with our names engraved on it AND they took back the one that they gave us along with the dessert plate (WTH?). Even when we left the restaurant, there were a huge amount of tables not being cleared up at all, even after the guests have left for more than 30mins. Overall food quality was actually good, but I wouldn’t want to spend another 3 hours (even if it’s in Ritz-Carlton, the so-called 5* hotel) just to have a 7-courses meal where we have to self-service our drinks and wait more than 30mins for each course.

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