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Han Gang

33 Reviews
Tanjung Duren100rb - 200rb
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38 ratings
Happy Ferdian
991 photos
954 reviews
7 Spot Kulineran Lezat di Mall Taman Anggrek untuk Menghabiskan Long Weekend
Restoran yang memiliki 6 outlet di Jakarta ini merupakan salah satu pelopor BBQ khas Korea di Indonesia. Jika kamu kebingungan memilih menu apa yang akan disantap, maka Medium Gogi adalah pilihan tepatnya. Menu ini terdiri dari beragam jenis irisan daging sapi berkualitas yang bisa kamu kreasikan sendiri cara membakarnya. Beragam varian Dolsot Bibimbap, atau sajian nasi mangkuk khas Korea, juga favorit di sini, lho!.
Irene Christiana
60 photos
30 reviews
Han Gang can be a good place to go when you get the sudden Korean craving, which usually comes after a few episodes of Korean dramas (right?). There are a few branches of Han Gang, but the one at Taman Anggrek Mall is pretty cozy and spacious. There are a few larger tables to cater larger groups, and the service is quick and friendly as well. I haven't tried their Korean BBQ, but I have heard many reviews about their beef, so it should be good. The price may choke your wallet if you eat here too often though, but really, the seduction from grilled beef is sometimes too great to handle, right? Their japchae (sweet potato noodles with veggies) is pretty good; bouncy noodles and overall well-seasoned. The bibimbap has won me over successfully. There are some options of the bibimbap (mixed rice on stone pot), like one with squid, tuna, or bulgogi. My favourite is the original one, dolsot yache bibimbap which has uncooked egg and few (too few, I reckon) beef slices. I love it when the yolk adheres everything together, as it'll cook nicely on the hot stone bowl. And another plus point, the charred rice on the bottom; crispy and smoky. Yum!

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7 Spot Kulineran Lezat di Mall Taman Anggrek untuk Menghabiskan Long Weekend

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