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Crystal Jade

6 Reviews
Senayan100rb - 200rb
Hours 10:30 - 22:00Closed

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11 ratings
Shanna Murady
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119 reviews
Fried Herring and Roast Duck
First of all, I have to note the OUTSTANDING service. The restaurant was full with only a few tables left but the food was quick (less than 12 minutes for everything, and this counting the fact that I asked them to de-bone the duck). The server was also very attentive, refilling our drinks before we asked for it. Just, excellent! The food was also solid. The roast duck was juicy and not too dry like they often do in similar restaurants. The herring was a star, a crowd favorite. But for me the baby kailan was the best dish, it's difficult not to over/undercook vegetables but they get it perfectly. It has enough crunch but still soft once you bite into it. For dessert we had the red bean pancake. It was ok, I would have loved it more had they had toasted sesame seeds on top of it. As far as Chinese goes, their flavours are probably milder than, say, Din Tai Fung or Duck King but everything looked and tasted fresh, which is A+
silvia Y
0 photos
16 reviews
so so
food : not bad drinks : so so, nothing special for the drinks menu Dessert : nothing special Services : polite and fast. over all is so so, taste of the food is not bad

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