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Cafe Pistos

3 Reviews
Senopati100rb - 200rb
Hours 08:00 - 21:00Open Now

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3 ratings
Fellexandro Ruby
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An unusual cafe in Gunawarman. I was curious the first time because I was on a sandwich safari trip with a few friends. Turns out this place occupies a small corner inside a jewelry and accessories shop. What an odd way to put a cafe. But I suppose there's nothing wrong in trying your luck. I wasn't very lucky that day I guess. Two of our orders: Sandwich w/ Salmon & Wasabi, and Tuna Sandwich came out relatively plain and unflattering. I couldn't taste the wasabi, nothing, absolutely not a single spicy kick into my nose. What a shame. And for the Tuna as well. If I may add, the bread look partially grilled but I don't get the crunch that I looked for. I can probably conclude it as a failed attempt in searching for the perfect sandwich. That's not even the worst part. The price? At IDR 59-70K a piece, it is really not a bargain and at the edge of being a rip off. I have no idea what Pistos means but we surely leave the place pissed off. If it weren't for the lovely design and ambience to sit and chat, we would've probably leave even earlier.

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