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Ayam Presto Ny. Nita

2 Reviews
SenopatiBelow 100rb
Hours 10:00 - 22:00Closed

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2 ratings
Yusuf Idris
41 photos
22 reviews
Rasanya enak. Empuk . Bikin kangen sama ayam tulang lunak kesampaian.
Fellexandro Ruby
32 photos
29 reviews
Nyonya Nita is a personal top of mind when I'm qraving for Grilled Chicken. Their Grilled Chicken is one of a kind. Rich with spices that goes further than skin deep. Plus they are pressure-cooked before grilled, resulting in meat that's so soft and easy to peel off. Man you can even munch on the bones if you want to. Added with their signature hot sauce (sambal terasi) and you have the dynamic combo. Other than that, I usually go for their Bandeng (Milkfish). Again, as they are pressure cooked, you need not to worry about having the bones stuck on your throat. They become so soft and edible. The interesting thing about Nyonya Nita's Bandeng is that it's wrapped with their signature flour that gives it a layer of crunchy skin (similar to Ayam Kremes). Have that two dish altogether, and I guarantee you'll end up with a happy belly. What I also love about it is they have delivery service, so whenever I feel like eating, I can just call em up and enjoy it at the comfort of my home. Maybe with my own mix of sambal. Aint' that awesome?

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