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Gajah Mada100rb - 200rb
Hours 10:00 - 22:00Closed

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46 ratings
Ireine Suryanti
25 photos
5 reviews
Traditional chinese cuisine
Saat ini restaurant chinese food sudah tidak asing lagi dan sangat mudah ditemukan, tetapi Restaurant Angke di Ketapang khususnya masih menjadi primadona bagi penggemar traditional chinese food. Salah satu menu favorite yang wajib dipesan kalau kamu makan disini adalah ayam goreng kering, lindung cah fumak dan mie goreng ulang tahun. Karena porsinya yang cukup banyak, sebaiknya kalau datang kesini bersama keluarga atau teman agar bisa mencoba variasi menu yang ditawarkan. #QravedThis #LifeisTasty
Florens Antasia
0 photos
3 reviews
great food
so i came here again after a few years. the taste still not change. even though many new restaurant open in jakarta, I guarantee that u won't disappointed if u come here. well, their bakmie goreng, lindung cah fumak, and ayam rebus minyak wijen is really delicious. their price? not so pricy.. their service is very good. but their place is very crowded especially on saturday and sunday, which is a good sign for a restaurant hehe.
Aris Munandar
46 photos
35 reviews
If there's a place in Jakarta which I don't mind eating in again and again and again everyday, it'd be Restoran Angke Ketapang. I haven't found any chinese food restaurant that is this consistent in serving yummy dishes from the time I was a little kid until today. The place is a bit old but has been renovated several times. The ambiance is one of a kind, one you will not find anywhere else. Old chinese man taking your orders in chinese, black and white uniformed waitress reffilling your ice tea and rice bowl nonstop, loud chinese conversation on every table and food oh glorious food. The food, simply one of the best! Signature dishese such as Ayam Garam (Salt Chicken) and Lindung Cah Fumak are unbeatable!!! The crispy, salty, sweet lindung is my favorite. Ayam Garam is so good, so tender and so yummy, my 80 year old grandpa can finish the whole chicken by himself. Other dishes such as Mun Tahu, Babi Hong and Saklon Sayur Asin are that good, after you taste Angke's, you will think other's are just third grade. Yam Ha (boiled prawns) are one of their specialty too. Fresh peeled big prawns with garlic oil are very appetizing you'd want to lick the plate clean. It is THE place to celebrate your chinese celebration, grandpa and grandma's bday, mom and dad's bday or maybe just to have yummylicious chinese food :)

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