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Simple and stunning recipe: Salmon Gravlax

Kevin IrwanKevin Irwan
Simple and stunning recipe: Salmon Gravlax - Main Photo
Simple and stunning recipe: Salmon Gravlax
A fresh piece of raw salmon, on a bed of sand, crispy salmon skin, wasabi and sour cream dressing. Sounds delish right! Well, if you're in the mood of a fresh tasting salmon dish, but not in the mood to go out, this might me your lucky day. Chef Nic Vanderbeeken from Bali's renowned restaurant, Cascades, has shared his recipes on making a quick and simple Salmon Gravlax. This Nordic based recipes is the perfect meal if you're looking for a healthy, fresh tasting, and delicious option for your meal. If you're looking to impress a group of friends, or making a romantic dinner at home for your loved ones, here's a meal you might want to try!
Chef Nic Vanderbeeken has won numerous award during his career. From the 3rd place in Bali Chef Wars (2004), restaurant won the Best European Restaurant in Bali (2014), and Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Bali (2015). Well, if you want to do the best, you have to learn from the best!


- 400g Tasmanian salmon filet
- 100g salt
- 100g sugar
- 15g black pepper
- 1 lemon
- 2 shallot
- 20g dill
- 5g garlic
- 2 watermelon radish
- 1g wasabi paste
- 40g cucumber
- 60g Sour cream
- 20 g toast bread (sand)
- 5g butter


- Portion the salmon in pieces of 100g with skin on
- Mix the salt, sugar and pepper and put on the salmon
- Cure the salmon for 20 minutes and rinse with water.
- Put in a vacuum bag dill, lemon zest, garlic and shallot, olive oil.
- Seal the bag and place for 25 minutes in a warm water bath on 42’ C.
- Take out and cool down in ice water, remove skin from salmon and fry it crispy on teppanyaki.
- Pickle the cucumber: slice the cucumber thin and cure in 1 tbsp salt for 2h, rinse with water.
- Pickle: 3 cups vinegar, 1.5 cup sugar, ½ tsp mustard seed, 1/8 tsp turmeric and place the slice cucumber in to pickle (2 days).
- Slice the shallot in rings, the radish slice.
- Mix the sour cream with some lemon and wasabi.
- Make sand of the toast bread by roasting it with butter (season with salt and pepper) in the oven until gold brown and blend.


- Put the salmon in the sand and then on the middle of the plate.
- Take 3 slice pickled cucumber and make cones of it.
- Put dots of the wasabi/sour cream on the salmon.
- Garnish with dill, radish, daikon cress, shallot rings and the crispy skin.
- Add some additional dill oil