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Waroeng Tugu : The Art of Dining

At Hotel Tugu Bali, the mission of bringing to life the art, culture, and romance of Bali and

Java does not stop at decoration and interior design.

How you dine is not only about food, but it also involves many other aspects such as theme,

setting, the ritual of service, atmosphere, presentation, traditions, and history. The

possibilities offered are unlimited, as rich as Indonesian culture.

When you dine at Tugu, travel back through time hundreds of years, and discover the

different eras, places, as well as long-ago experiences of Indonesia through our cuisine

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waroeng 3

The concept of Waroeng Tugu is a “lifestyle experience” of Javanese and Balinese people in the past, how they ate at the comfort of their own homes and at “Waroeng” (simple traditional hut for lunch and

dinner). This experience is an actuality from centuries ago when Java was still conquered

by the Majapahit Hindu Kingdom that vanished around 1525. “Waroeng Tugu” is now in

existence not just for the best Indonesian food in the island, but also to record the deep

history of the country; its beautiful humbleness tells in the same time of the richness of the

culture of Java and Bali. All dishes are cooked in the open traditional kitchen by Iboe

(Mrs/Mother) Soelastri, the Indonesian chef at Tugu who has learned how to cook from

her grandma since she was four years old.

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