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The Rise of the Ducks: 5 Irresistible Duck Dishes in Bali

Matthew SultanMatthew Sultan
The Rise of the Ducks: 5 Irresistible Duck Dishes in Bali1
The Rise of the Ducks: 5 Irresistible Duck Dishes in Bali
Ducks are consumed in various cuisines around the world, Bali not excluded. They take forms in two very popular dishes that you can find easily in just about any district: Bebek Betutu (Betutu Duck) and Bebek Guling (Balinese Crispy Duck).   The foremost is known for its seductive crispiness and juiciness, while the latter is more about exotic spices melting together with fats in one’s mouth. Both are definitely local and tourist favorites, regardless of age and gender. Now, it’s your turn to pick your choice!  

Team Crispy Duck

Photo Source:  balikalapmakan
Literally translating to dirty duck’ in Bali, this restaurant started the trend of crispy ducks on their simple outlet during the 90’s. One day, a flock of dirty, wet and smelly ducks flew across the shop, inspiring the owner to name this restaurant ‘Bebek Bengil’. It’s now well-known as one of the best crispy duck spots in Bali.   Bebek Bengil serves half a duck with slices of fresh fruits and coconut milk marinated salad and various choice of sambal (chili sauce). Imagine munching the juicy crispy duck together with the sambal – it will bring your mouth to a state of ecstasy. The slices of fruits did just perfect to give you a clean, fresh aftertaste post this fatty treat.
Photo Source:  melianahakim
Bebek Tepi Sawah translates to ‘duck at the edge of the paddy field’ in English. They serve their crispy duck with bolder and more of various spices – resulting in a bold, crispy but very juicy dish where you can slowly recognize each spice contributing to the marvel of this dish.   Here, you can enjoy your meal just next to the rice paddy field in the central of the restaurant area, emitting a chill and relaxing vibe. Truly experience not to be missed!  
Photo Source:  officialretz
Laka Leke is located not faraway from the monkey forest in Ubud. This spot offers you a tasty crispy duck coupled with their award-winning chili sauce, which is amazing for you, spicy food lovers.     For dessert, don’t forget to try their coconut cake. Its sponginess & faint sweetness will refresh your mouth after finishing your savory meal.  

The Betutus

Photo Source:  deliciousbali
Warung D’Sawah offer a relaxing ambience with rustic bamboo and thatched roofs spanning over green lawns and rice field in the northern part of Seminyak. Their menu includes a wide, international selection, from your Indonesian cuisine to Chinese and Western favorites.   Their most popular menu is definitely bebek betutu, or what you would call a spicy, marinated slow-cooked duck. Close your eyes and you’ll feel an indescribable sensation in your mouth when the duck fat, reacting to its spice accompaniments, melts in your tongue very very slowly. This dish is served with a wide array of delicious vegetables, eggs and satay as perfect garnishes. You can order the duck’s crispy fried counterpart as well!
Photo Source:  vivindebra
Often described by tourists as the best spot for Betutu Duck, Murni’s just doesn’t disappoint. Located at the more silent part of Ubud, you can listen to the sound of water running while relaxing to its naturist ambience.   The duck is slowly-cooked, wrapped inside banana leaves. It melts (seriously) in your mouth, and you can feel the mild sweetness of the banana leaf embodying itself in the dish. For closing, make sure to have their yogurt with fresh fruit; definitely one of the best dessert feat main course pair in Ubud!