Steps to Prepare Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

Yes, we are all aware that the holiday season is still pretty far. It’s not even November yet, but, December 1 (where everyone just started thinking about holiday campaigns) is far too late to begin your holiday campaign. The fact is, there is so much planning to be done if you want to have a successful campaign. To make it simple, here’s a list we’ve created for you in order to make a successful holiday campaign!

Think about your campaign strategy.

December is most definitely a holiday season, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, even Thanksgiving! Well the first thing you want to do is choose which one of these holidays is best suited for your restaurant to create a campaign. There is no point it doing a campaign for every single one of those holidays, choose one which is suited best for your restaurant. Yes, Christmas might be the obvious choice for a December campaign. However, keep in mind that Christmas is not the only day you can take advantage on December,

Once you recognize which of those holidays is suited best, start your plan in motion. Make an organize plan, the benefit of planning early for this campaign is that you will have a lot of times to think things trough. Plan everything from concepts,themes, special packages, even what kind entertainment if you’re making an event for your restaurant. Plan everything to the smallest little detail!

Create holiday-themed offers.

After you’re locked in on what you want to do with the campaign, start creating holiday-themed offers related to the campaign. Offers may vary from discounts to special menu selection for your restaurant. After you’ve decided on your holiday-themed offers, start to think about the tools you might want o use. Banners, images and videos for your social media images that will help your promotion. Remember, a well made promotion tools will help a lot to boost interest in your offers, so don’t rush making it!

Prepare your social media strategy.

As you might already know, social media is one vital part in promoting your campaign! Even so, a lot of times the audience engagement is quiet low during the holiday season, many people are either on vacation. However, that does not mean public actually neglect their social medias, people actually might check out social medias to look for restaurants, or maybe some kind of events to fill their holidays. Make sure you plan your social medias strategy wisely, create interesting post, quality pictures, even videos to suit your campaign.

Other than creating the content for social medias, make sure you continue monitoring your accounts. Choose a monitoring tool to track keywords so you can respond actively.

Optimize your keywords.

Relating to the step above, optimizing keyword plays a huge factor in having a good response in your social media. Find out when your audience is searching for your restaurant, and find out relevant keywords, and what’s the popular keywords during the holiday season. Having a good content does not really matter if you don’t have a good matching keywords, and knowing when is the best time to post your social media posting. Always keep in mind of what your audience is thinking.

Consider planning an event.

Having a campaign is good, but having an event is even better! Well, it’s the holiday season, people wants to be merry, have a lot of fun, and most important, people wants to spend money during the holiday. The thing is, everyone will be making an event during this time of the month, so you need to make sure that your event is the best one out there.

First of all, you need do know what is the purpose of making the event, what is your goal, what are your hopes from the outcome. Having an event just for the sake of having an event during the holidays won’t have a positive result. Since it’s the holiday season, create a warm, welcoming event for your market.

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