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Qraved In Bali: Best Of 2016 (Part II)

Matthew SultanMatthew Sultan
Qraved In Bali: Best Of 2016 (Part II)1
Qraved In Bali: Best Of 2016 (Part II)
From instagrammable venues to steak spots, here are our users’ most favorite places in Bali based on each category on 2016. We dedicate this article to every one of you in Bali right now!

Category 6: Instagrammable

Photo Source:  The Bali Bible
This one is a hard one, especially since Bali hosts so many venues with amazing photographic potential. In the end, we decided to go with this venue, since it brings more to the table than your typical hipster / chic café; it merges history, cultural values, and natural beauty altogether.   Located on top of a cliff, surrounded by the smell of pine trees and luminous sceneries, Hanging Gardens in Ubud offers a selection of local and international dishes which you won’t expect to be served in the middle of a forest. In addition, you’ll be spoiled with a spectacular view of the tropical greens, valley and the Darem Segara Temple while enjoying their five-star courses. Great food, great ambiance, and epic scenery. Can’t really ask more for your Instagram entry!

Category 6: Southeast Asian

Photo Source:  fatchowbali
A hip, chic restaurant offering a great mix of East & Southeast Asian fusion dishes in Jimbaran. Erected majestically at the top of Temple Hill allows patrons to enjoy a great vista of the coastline, all the way up to Seminyak.   Interior wise, the red-brick walls and the rough-edged stone did just enough to give you that gothic but hip kind of look. The menu comprehensively covers some southeastern favorites, such as Pad Thai, Banh Mi, and Nasi Lemak, combining local and imported ingredients. The result? A graceful, fresh and tasty dish that will make you lick your plates down to the leaves where your food was gracefully laid on!

Category 3: Rooftop Bars

Photo Source:  The Rooftop Guide
In a tourist-centric city, a chill and medium sized rooftop bar, unlike most of its lavish, party-ish counterparts, serves as a breath of fresh air. While it doesn’t boast a gigantic dance floor or anything alike, Luna shows what a competent architect can do with just enough space.   At the right time, you’ll see how the skies above radiates an orange-purplish glow, beautifully harmonized with the dancing flames next to Kitano teppan bar.   Food-wise, you can try a bit of everything they offer, such as little chunks of tandoori-grilled chickens, teppan beef teriyaki and the chef’s special for the day. Pick your favorite drinks from their list to accompany you throughout the night, while chilling and enjoying the music for a relaxing experience.

Category 4: Halal

Photo Source:  yuliulie
The chicken in Ms. Mangku’s rice plate would never admit defeat to a pork. Why? Because it’s just simply as good! It comes with rice (duh!), shredded chicken & egg marinated in Bali Sauce, coconut milk soaked veggies and the exotic Bali Satay.   You can feel all the juices of coconuts, chicken skin fat and spices permeating your mouth in its entirety, leaving you speechless in disbelief! It’s cheap (~$2), so good, although not so healthy. But hey, can only choose two out of three right?  

Category 5: Steak

Photo Source:  Bali Plus
EatWell will clear one misconception about steakhouses: First, steaks don’t have to be served in a fancy or high-end place to be great. In addition, it doesn’t have to be too pricey to taste amazing!   With their open kitchen process, you’ll be able to see the fresh, non-frozen meats and the way the chefs cooks your dish in person. Selection-wise, they offer various types of steaks, starting from everyone’s favorite rib-eye to dry-aged and wagyu steaks. For all of you who don’t eat beef, they also serve pork and lamb based dishes. Whichever your texture level and sauce preferences are, their steaks will make you drool, drive you crazy and leave you wanting for more!