How To Turn Your Social Media Followers Into Loyal Customers


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Turning your social media followers into loyal customers can certainly make every effort you spend on marketing worth every penny. It will also increase make a strong foundation for customers.

There are three strategies in which you can invest in order to convert them into regular customers who LOVE your business:

Connect With Your Customers and Invite Them Back Using Social Media and Vivid Imagery

First thing first, skim through the timeline of your competitors’ social media and see if there are any opportunities that you can take. Look for trends that they have. As you can see, one of the most popular ones is having high-resolution images. This means that you have to have vivid images of your dishes and/or venue decorations. Instagram and Facebook will satisfy these needs. Turn them from not hungry to VERY HUNGRY! That’s your mission.

Invest in A Quality Photographer

It is recommended that you invest in a professional photographer who will take top-quality photos of your food and place. Make everything about your restaurant irresistible. Make people curious. It is also important to remember that you need to be consistent in terms of everything, including colors, logo, etc.

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Once you have all of those, create posts that ignite curiosity and excitement for your followers. Feel free to give rewards to those who engage in your posts. For example, create a small contest for them to win a free dessert. Ask them to be engaged in order to win it by commenting, liking, or sharing. This will make your audience be aware of your restaurant, even though there’s only one winner.

Use Other Tie In Strategies to Get More Followers Through The Doors

Provide a call to action in order for your customers to come back to your place. This can be done by asking them to subscribe to your mailing list after they pay their bill in order to get a 10% voucher for their next visit. This is also an opportunity for you to play around with the image-driven marketing, enhancing the resolution of your images on the mailing list.

Now Get Them To Play Along!


We recommend that you start developing a culture with which people can play around when they are spending time at your restaurant. This includes creating a hashtag, so that they can have fun with posting their pictures on the social media, increasing engagement and awareness. Creating a loyal community through this is very possible, in fact, it is encouraged.


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