Exploring The Magic Of Hu’u Bar Bali

Hu’u Bar has been recognized as one of the bar in Bali for more than a decade, strategically located in Petitenget Seminyak. Few months ago Hu’u made changes to the exterior of their building, painting it white and adds colors to their roof definitely give a new refreshing face to this club.

Anyway I don’t need to say anything about the club, you probably already know about it. This time I will share my experience trying Hu’u Bistro’s new menu. Collaborate with Singaporean “food wizard” Dragon & Dog to create menu that’s new, refreshing, unique and beyond expectations.

They create comfort traditional Asian dishes with European twist, like one of their appetizer Duck Pancake (58K) that I’ve tried; it’s a shredded duck confit wrapped in turmeric crepes and serves with orange caramel sauce, they combine French Duck Confit, Beijing Peking Duck and classic French Duck L’Orange and from those 3 dishes they create 1 stunning dish.

Experimenting with Balinese traditional betutu seasoning, Hu’u Bistro create Salmon Betutu (48K) made from betutu cured salmon carpaccio with glazed peach, orange and sprout salad that gives aromatic, rich and fruity flavors to this dish.

Their Watermelon Sashimi (38K) also the highlight of my experience here, made from compressed watermelon then thinly sliced it to make it looks like tuna sashimi, served with kombu noodles (seaweed), daikon tamari shoyu dipping sauce and jelly tobiko. Just like sashimi, this watermelon sashimi has light and simple flavor but at the same point it also refreshing and appetizing. It can be a great option for vegetarian people who want to try sashimi.

From their appetizer list they also fused Indonesian traditional sop buntut (oxtail soup) with Italian Ravioli and create Oxtail Ravioli (58K), ravioli filled with juicy oxtail meat served in rich and savory nutmeg soup.

Ok there’s still more to share, I will save the main course story for my next post :) (to be continued to Hu’u Bistro part 2)


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