5 Social Media Strategies For Your Restaurant!

In today’s commerce realm, when you come to think of ways to boost your marketing campaign, you know that social media comes first. Even so, you need to remember that studying your customers’ habits and behaviors is really important to determine which marketing strategies you should execute.

Photo source: jtwmediagroup

Photo source: jtwmediagroup


Blogging is one way you can use to improve your rank on search engines and keep your customers engaged. You can publish a post including listings, recommendations, and even competitions. Encourage your customers to be engaged, for example, by asking them to leave suggestions or participate in the contests. When they happen to give comments, reply them truthfully and genuinely.


If you are a restaurant owner, it is beneficial to invest in Twitter. Everyone in the world would be your audience. Encourage your customers to follow your account and be engaged, and give them rewards for their involvement. Don’t forget to update your Twitter account regularly in a timely manner, especially if there is an event happening or a new menu being added. If someone gives you a bad review on Twitter, don’t forget to respond responsibly.


As you may already know, Facebook is the most used social media platform by businesses. To make the most out of it, you need to be active and publish posts regularly. Make your customers feel welcomed only by skimming through your Facebook page. One example to utilize it well is to post regular contests, so they would be encouraged to visit your page regularly. Also, post photo sets and/or videos, that would act as a click-bait.


Make the most out of what Youtube and/or Vimeo have to offer to attract new customers to your restaurant. Post things, such as tips and tricks, new menu teaser, or fun graphics, can increase customer loyalty, if done regularly. Also, through this strategy, you can be more than just an ordinary restaurant. You can be informative and educational to people in general.

Online Directory Listings

Making use of online directory listings, such as Qraved, would help you emerge in this thriving culinary scene. Providing you a one-stop solution for directory, bookings, and inspirations, you’ll get to be aware of the current trends in the food industry. Make reviews and publish photos to show your customers what’s recommended and what’s new at your restaurant.

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