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Trattoria uploaded a photo 55 Photos 3 days ago
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Miss Nyinyir
Miss Nyinyir uploaded a photo for Colette & Lola 1 Photo 16 minutes ago
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Andreas Prima
Andreas Prima wrote a review for Ottoman's Coffee Brewers 1 Review 2 hours ago
Coffee shop with some adequate meal choice of serving.
For the coffee shop category. I will say that this place actually offer more specialty in terms of food than beverage. In terms of food, this place is actually provide more to food instead of coffee. This coffee shop actually serve more to cafe style. In terms of food and the uniqueness of food dressing, this place offer more than expected. The food itself is really exceeding expectations. But in terms of coffee, this place is quite not bad in terms of coffee serving. But since this place is quite more specialized in food. So I will say this place is a good cafe shop than coffee shop. In terms of hygiene and place, this place quite adequate in providing the aura and atmosphere as per expected. In other terms, this place itself is cozy at least for coffee shop standard I will call it adequate but not in fascinating level.
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reynold tjie
reynold tjie uploaded a photo for The Caffeine Dispensary 4 Photos - 3 Reviews 3 hours ago
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Rizki Yamani
Rizki Yamani wrote a review for Gubug Makan Mang Engking 29 Photos - 40 Reviews 3 hours ago
Makan Disini Rata2 Rasanya Standar, Kecuali Udang Bakar Madunya Emg ENAK.. Selebihnya Cuma Jual Suasana Aja
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Trattoria uploaded a photo 55 Photos 4 hours ago
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Rita Shitako
Rita Shitako uploaded a photo for Shitako Cafe 48 Photos - 1 Review 6 hours ago
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Pipe and Puff
Pipe and Puff uploaded a photo 6 Photos - 1 Review 6 hours ago
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